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Why Train With Me?

I'm an expert vocal coach who is passionate about equipping singers with the tools and techniques to unlock their unique singing potential and creativity.  


I provide contemporary cutting-edge vocal technique training and coaching at my studio in London, on tour, in the studio and online. I'm also one of the vocal tutors at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). 


I am dedicated to helping my clients optimize the functionality of their voices and achieve their singing goals.


My 18 years of experience as a performer as well as my knowledge, continued study and research in voice science and technique. Allows me to quickly identify what a singer needs in order to take their singing & performing skills to the maximum level.

My clientele consists of major label recording artist, west end performers, and aspiring professionals.


What You Can Expect From Training With Me


  • Increased confidence

  • Bespoke vocal exercises specific to your unique vocal needs

  • The ability to sing high with more ease and freedom

  • Genuine and effective tried and tested training tools to help resolve your vocal issues

  • A consistent, reliable and healthy voice

  • An increased awareness and understanding of your own voice

  • An enjoyable, fun and positive learning environment

  • Ongoing vocal help, support and encouragement

Find out more info 


 cm@cmvocalcoach.com  |  Tel: +44 7590 44 31 95

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