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Are you ready to elevate your voice and lifestyle in 2023?


If what you’ve been doing so far isn’t working for you, you’ve got to try something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Our Voice Savvy app membership is designed to equip and empower you with the voice, health and mindset tools to unlock your unique singing potential and elevate your overall life. 

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Voice Savvy App 

Voice Health Mindset


Get the tools and techniques to become a self-diagnostic singer. Learn how to identify and troubleshoot your vocal issues to get the most out of your voice on any given day and sing with vocal freedom! Voice Savvy will give you more tools to add to your singing toolbox. 


You will be supported throughout your vocal journey with our LIVE Q&A, support and vocal training classes. 



When it comes to singing, you sing with your whole body and your lifestyle choices can have a major impact on your voice. Voice Savvy will give you the lifestyle tools to stay in good health with our live fitness for singers classes. 



Your limitations are in proportion to your imagination. It is important to build the right principles and belief systems in your mind. Reframe your self-talk, grow your confidence and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Voice Savvy will give you the tools to create and implement your singing goals with our mindset coaching, meditation sessions and singer mastermind groups. 

This is not just another voice training app. Voice Savvy combines the three major elements that you will need to succeed in life as a singer. 


Join our Voice Savvy community, create your singing goals and track your progress all when you become a member. Let’s support each other, grow together. Let’s do it! 


Installing the app is FREE of charge with access to our Singing Foundations course.


See you there! 2023, let’s go!

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
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