Choked with doubt, I had forgotten the beauty of the Gift that God gave me. Collena has helped me to break the shackles that were plaguing my voice. I witnessed and others witness the vocal freedom and wisdom learned during my sessions with Collena.

Arrow Benjamin – Singer/songwriter

I was referred to Collena after I had lost my voice from overuse. She taught me incredible exercises that not only helped my voice recover, but also made it much stronger. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about strengthening their singing voice and vocal health! 

Arlissa – Singer/songwriter

Collena taught me to understand how to use my voice to really express the songs that I sing. She goes into depth and has taught me things I never knew about my voice! If only I could have sessions with you every day, thank you Cols you’re the best!! 

Sínai – Singer/songwriter



Collena is definitely the vocal coach you need! She has a natural gift to make you believe in yourself and be more confident. When I started working with her, I discovered many unique vocal technique exercises that improved my vocal range and singing abilities. She has a good knowledge and understanding of the voice and the best vocal training techniques ever!  

Signe – Singer, actress, dancer



 cm@cmvocalcoach.com  |  Tel: +44 7590 44 31 95

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