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I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients all over the world optimise the functionality of their voices through online vocal training.

Vocal sessions are all about you. YOUR agenda will be placed at the heart of each session.


Get help with;

  • Increasing your vocal range

  • Removing cracks and tension

  • Controlling pitch and tone more accurately  

  • Bridging the gap between chest voice and head voice

  • Finding the mix/middle voice

  • Increasing vocal strength

  • Increasing vocal stamina 

  • Increase your song delivery and performance skills 

  • Vocal therapy and rehabilitation (if recovering from vocal health issues)

  • Vocal health & hygiene 

  • Career coaching and goal setting

I offer a learning process that is fun, enjoyable, and positive.


Online sessions are done via Zoom. All you need is a good internet connection and we're good to go!



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