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Why Do Vocal Issues Arise? (Vocal Health Issues)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019



Why do vocal issues arise?


The vocal folds (also known as the vocal cords)are located inside the larynx. They are made up of muscle, ligament and mucosal tissue. The mucosal tissue is the part of the vocal folds that is delicate and can be damaged. It is the part that makes contact when the vocal folds come together. The vocal folds vibrate at extremely high speeds which means that they can be easily stressed. They can swell, become irritated and give us different vocal issues.


Vocal health issues can be caused by vocal abuse, misuse, and overuse. Using the voice too much, too loud and/or incorrectly.

Illness (viral or bacterial infections), acid reflux, water imbalance (dehydration) and allergies can also contribute to vocal health issues.


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