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Chip N Dale Rescue Ranger Torrent




5-ounce cartoon was based on the 1960s Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers TV series. The series was the first to air in the Eastern United States on WGN-TV after it moved from WCIU-TV (now WLS-TV). Its first television show to be shown was Rescue Rangers, which first aired on May 3, 1979. The Show Chip and Dale first appeared in the August 25, 1965, episode of The Flintstones titled, "The Hardy Boys Break-In." In that episode, "Fred" and Barney Rubble rescue the children from the clutches of a thieving gang of robbers known as the "Fawcus Gang". Chip's name was coined by famed commercial advertising copywriter Don Pedretti, as a play on the word "chipmunk", but because Pedretti pronounced the first name as "chippie", the name was spelled as "Chip" and the popular character received his name. Dale was named by Don's wife, Linda, and his then-employer, Creative Planning Inc. (now known as IPG Mediabrands, an advertising agency). The name Dale was chosen after the two went through a list of about five thousand names. Pedretti decided that Dale was the best one and told Linda to use the name Dale. Chip and Dale were originally conceived as characters in the TV series. The series was originally titled Chip 'n Dale, and the male and female characters were named "Chip" and "Dale". The characters were supposed to look and act much like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew; however, Flintstone and Co. found the idea too much like previous popular shows, so they tried to change the names. It is believed by many to be the first show to feature what are now considered children's market standards for children's programming, in that there are virtually no instances of violence or rude language. In this and the next season, roughly half of the episodes were written by Pedretti (who also wrote for another popular series, Pink Panther and Sons), and the other half were written by Joss Whedon, Norman Lear, Ron Fritz, Anne Gifford and others. The theme song was written by Allie Wrubel, who was a member of Chip and Dale's band. Series history Main characters Chip is the lead character in the series. He lives in the Rescue Ranger's house and appears in most





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Chip N Dale Rescue Ranger Torrent

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