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Sustaining a vocal injury can be devastating, especially if you rely on your voice for work. Vocal injury can happen to any singer, regardless of the singer’s ability and experience.


Vocal health advice and rehabilitation sessions are focused on voice production work - How to use the voice in a way that produces the best possible sound and helps to reverse and prevent vocal injury. Vocal health advice includes guidance and resources in relation to your specific vocal health issue(s).  


I have an extensive list of the best Ear Nose and Throat Consultants, Speech and Language Therapists, Osteopaths and physiotherapists in the UK. Referrals may be necessary.


If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, get your voice checked out, don’t wait!


  •  The quality of your voice has become hoarse or raspy

  • Voice production is more effortful

  • You’ve lost a few notes of your vocal range

  • You cannot sing quietly  

  • You feel tired after singing

  • You have pain whilst singing



Email to find out more details.



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