Do you struggle with singing high notes? 


Are you frustrated with your current progress?


Get help now no matter where you live!   



I’ve had the honour of helping many singers optimize the functionality of their voices including;


The Killers 


Arrow Benjamin


·  ·  Increased confidence

·   Bespoke vocal exercises specific to your unique vocal needs

·   The ability to sing high with more ease and freedom

·   Genuine and effective tried and tested training tools to help resolve your vocal issues

·   A consistent, reliable and healthy voice

·   An increased awareness and understanding of your own voice

·  Song delivery and performance coaching 

·   An enjoyable, fun and positive learning process

·  Ongoing vocal help, support and encouragement

·  Career coaching and goal setting

·  Support on tour 

·  Support in the recording studio






Choked with doubt, I had forgotten the beauty of the Gift that God gave me. Collena has helped me to break the shackles that were plaguing my voice. I witnessed and others witness the vocal freedom and wisdom learned during my sessions with Collena.

Arrow Benjamin – Singer/songwriter


I was referred to Collena after I had lost my voice from overuse. She taught me incredible exercises that not only helped my voice to recover, but also made it much stronger. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about strengthening their singing voice and improving their vocal health! 


Coco is an excellent vocal coach. I started working with her a year ago and I’m still learning something new in every session! I enjoy working on the exercises she gives me since she adapts them to my voice. I am more aware of what’s happening inside of my body when I sing, leading me to have a better technique and a better control over of my voice. My range has increased and my progress is clearly noticeable!


Collena is definitely the vocal coach you need! She has a natural gift to make you believe in yourself and be more confident. When I started working with her, I discovered many unique vocal technique exercises that improved my vocal range and singing abilities. She has a good knowledge and understanding of the voice and the best vocal training techniques ever!  


Optimise your overall singing voice with the Singing/Straw.


The Singing/straw is amazing for helping singers to experience a strong vocal setup. It helps with warming-up the voice, smoothing out register breaks, restoring good breath management and so much more!  


Get your reusable Singing/Straw now and get 10% off when you use my unique promo code ‘cmvocalcoach’ at the checkout. 



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